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FNF Playable TIKY

FNF Playable TIKY will provide you with an exciting experience because you will be fighting Tricky in the character of TIKY. Perhaps it is regarded as a horror mod.

Playable FNF TIKY is a new FNF mod, and this time BF and GF will be witnesses to the combat. This time, you’ll take control of the character TIKY to battle TRIKY, one of the most deadly characters in FNF Skins. Many gamers believe that this mod provides an excellent balance of exhilarating and funny experiences.

Those who desire to play the part of TIKY will be satisfied by this mod. The fighting game is extremely intriguing, between the two characters who are supposed to be the most formidable Friday Night Funkin mods, but battling with your voice may be highly appealing. This FNF Playable TIKY MOD represents a leap forward in game creators’ inventiveness. They are capable of combining a music game and a thrilling game into a single thrilling game.

If you are a fan of either of the above characters or a fan of the horror genre, you should not ignore FNF Playable TIKY MOD. Because it will surely bring you many interesting things.

Currently, the mod can be downloaded for free on the website of Friday Night Funkin mods. You can go there for more information, and can also give feedback on the mod to the designer.


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